August 1, 2000, Cheng-Shiu University established the Arts Center to balance education between technology and art. The Arts Center is renamed as The Office of Arts and Culture on August 1, 2013. The office has consistently and constructively offered cooperation with the other colleges’ arts center.

The Office of Arts and Culture is the department that promotes fine art education and planning fine art events on campus. Additionally, the office vigorously participates and shares fine-arts activities and resources to the university and the society.

The Office of Arts and Culture holds a series of arts exhibition/lectures and records guiding videos to promote upsurge of interest and discussion.

In order to protect culture properties, the Office of Arts and Culture popularizes correct concepts and provides the services of arts conservation and restoration.

Conservation Center

Art-Technology Conservation and Restoration Section (ATCRS) was founded in August, 2005 to popularize correct concept of culture conservation and preservation. ATCRS is also devoted to improving professional technology and talent training and, broadening and expanding of culture conservation and restoration researches. Besides, ATCRS was renamed as Conservation Center in August, 2013, continuing building complete conservation service and expanding business. The responsibilities include:

Preservation of culture collections through science and technology research, inspection, restoration, and instruments.
Promotion of correct conservation and preservation concepts by holding curriculum, conference, exhibition, and meeting.
Art Collection Management Bank (ACMB) provides professional storage environment, security and management system to make sure the health and safety of arts and culture.
Service items:
Restoration of oil paintings and paper, textile, wood, metal, ceramic objects.
Restoration and conservation consultation of outdoor sculptures.
Science analysis of artworks and culture heritage.
Exhibition/Performance Section

Carry out and popularize humanities and arts education in the campus. Construct an arts and cultural education that focuses on the college campus, and promote an overall construction of community culture.

Office of Arts and Culture has been devoted to the promotion of arts and culture. In addition to providing supports by inviting prestigious artists to CSU, we also actively assist prominent art groups. Through Office of Arts and Culture’s sponsorship, we hope to increase the public interests and participation in national art and cultural events.
To plan the music, theater, and dance activity programs in the university. Office of Arts and Culture and Cheng Shiu University Center for General Education hold the program of “Arts and Culture merge with General Education”.
To encourage students to participate in art activities by planning competitions.
To deepen people’s knowledge of culture by scheming lecture courses and seminars.
To provide guiding activities to schools, institutions, and study groups in order to deepen their roots in arts and culture.
To publish arts albums and editions.
Construct digital art gallery and edit e-Newsletter.
Record guiding DVD and Taiwan Artists’ documentary and film archives.
Visual Design Section
To design visual appearance, to reinforce academic-industry collaborations, and to expand industry competition by innovative design.
To design culture activity, to process authorized plans, and to expand service directions.
To publish books of arts and culture and to assist the consultation about graduation project.
Culture Education Section
To hold a variety of education programs, original activity, musical performance and design competitions.
To perform art and culture cooperative plan with industries, and act groups to increase the public interests and participation in national art and cultural events.
To organize exhibition spaces and equipments, and to manage the application for exhibition spaces.
Extension Art Education
Life Esthetics and Art Exhibition merge with Education

The Office of Art and Culture cooperates with the Center for General Education to plan the program of Art and Culture merge with General Education.

Visual Art: plan an exhibition every semester to carry out life guiding and education to the classes and teachers of literature and history.
Performing Art: plan performances and shows for undergraduate students to be completed within the 6 periods of General Educations. The major focus is theater, dance, and music.
Introduce Excellent Art Groups and Cultivate Arts/Cultural Seeds
To cultivate art population and deepen the students’ cultural background through training and talks.
To have exchanges with arts/culture groups by introducing outstanding art groups into the school from time to time through interactions with artists by lectures and sharing wonderful performances to lead students in appreciating art.
Promote Arts/Culture Season in the University. Merging of Arts/Culture and School
Provide Performance Stage: Discover music talents by hosting music competition in the school.
Creative Model Activity: Brings students closer to art and inspires their originality and creativity.
Giving importance to culture property and to continue art vitality – conservation and restoration of arts and culture
ARCSRL (Art Restoration & Conservation Scientific Research Laboratory) is the first laboratory certificated by ISO 17025, and introduces high technology instruments into arts restoration.
ACMB (Art Collection Management Bank) is an art bank certificated by ISO 9001:2008 for storing objects of art and spreading correct concepts of restoration and conservation.
Setting a professional system of academic research and technology analysis to improve technology and material research and application.
Promoting technology capacity of culture conservation, restoration, and propagating correct knowledge of art conservation and restoration.
Popularize courses of art education in the community

Hold popularized courses, constructing art/culture aggregation, constitute music appreciation classes, painting appreciation classes, and basic sketching classes.

Publish artistic album and artwork publications, and create DVD documentary of the artist’s works
Record, display and present the scholars’ papers
Compile and publish the publication and make a documentary of the exhibition and the interview with the artist.
Deliver the publication and recording to the National Central Library (NCL) and the Research Institutions for advertisement and academic research.
Construct Art Digital Gallery and Provide an Art/Education Exchange Platform

To record the artworks, speeches and on-site activities of the artists completely through academic researches to provide a good arts education platform.

e-Paper for Arts and Culture

Edit the e-Paper of the Office of Arts and Culture to voluntarily introduce and popularize exhibition information.

Exhibition Room
  • An Art Exhibition/Performance Room (150 square meters)
  • Two East/West Exhibition Hallways
  • An Outdoor Performance Space (200 square meters)
  • Exhibition Room for Shanxi Gate Tower from Qing dynasty
Lecture theaters
  • International Conference Hall - A professional conference hall that can accommodate 240 persons
  • Cheng-Shiu Hall - A professional lecture theater that can accommodate 1500 persons
  • Zhi-Shan Hall - A professional conference hall that can accommodate 430 persons
  • Art classroom- can accommodate 126 persons
  • Music classroom- can accommodate 126 persons
  • Painting classroom- can accommodate 55 persons
Conservation Center
  • An oil painting restoration section
  • A paper/cloth/wood craft restoration section
  • A metal craft and sculptures restoration section
  • An Art Restoration and Conservation Scientific Research Laboratory (ATCRSL) (certificated by TAF Quality Management)
  • Two banks of Arts Collection Management Bank (ACMB) (certified by ISO 9001:2008)
  • One professional studio
Social-Education Public Service Award granted by Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan, 2001.
Social-Education Public Service Award, Southern Taiwan, 2005.
Outstanding Academy-Industry Cooperation Achievement Award granted by Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan, 2002.
The Excellent Award of the 3rd (2011) National Industrial Innovation.