Organization and Duties

In the Arts Center, a director (curator) was appointed to take charge of the center. Three sections under his supervision are (1) Exhibition/Performance Section, (2) Development Section, and (3) Audio-Video Section. Each section is responsible as following:

Exhibition/Performance Section:

  • Implement exhibition events including exhibitions by projects, invitations, and applications.

  • Direct art work displays.

  • Enrich student and faculty knowledge and appreciation of fine arts.

  • Responsible for the preservation, filing, and research of art works.

  • Research Taiwanese art development through art exhibitions.

  • Advertise for art exhibitions.

  • Plan related art education promotions for exhibitions such as art work discussions, lectures, seminars, and family events.

Development Section

  • Design and enhance community fine art courses (art and music).

  • Carry out art-culture projects sponsored by the government and enterprises.

  • Actively participate in the community art festivals to be the center of the expanding art education for community culture.

Audio-Video Section

  • Organize and manage audio-video, language, and multi-media rooms to support education system and upgrade education quality.