Our university has planned three major development goals as following:

1. Sponsor regular art exhibition/performance

Exhibition by Application

  • Provide spaces for potential artists to show their arts to public.

  • Welcome talented artists to apply for exhibiting their art works in the Art Exhibition Room.

Exhibition by Invitation

  • Invite and recommend published artists to share their experiences and ideas.

Exhibition by Project

  • Invite exhibitors and design projects.

  • Project contents: Multi-dimensional arts including biology, medical, economics, high-technology, social-cultures, etc.

  • Goals: Intergrades and observe modern Taiwanese arts development.

2. Cultural and art seminars and lectures

  • Fund ¡¥art season¡¦ series programs regularly.
    Hold art work discussion forums.

  • Open art-related lectures in the local community.

  • Introduce art works from major art museums periodically.

3. Set up arts websites

  • Art Q & A website

  • Modern art BBS

  • ChengShiu virtual art museum

  • Arts Center Newsletter