• In order to be an integral component of balanced educational development between the arts and the sciences, the Arts Center has been established on August 1, 2000. Its purpose is to vigorously participate and share fine-arts activities and resources among universities and colleges.

  • The Arts Center is the department promoting fine art education and responsible for organizing and planning fine art events on campus. In addition, it will sponsor and encourage inter-college and public culture affairs.

  • The Arts Center will also hold arts exhibitions and seminars to deepen the substance and breadth of arts.

  1. Planning and Implementation of Academic Fine Arts Education.

  • Meet multi-dimension Society Needs

  • Introduce and promote exquisite culture

  • Foster a culture and arts atmosphere between science and humanities.

  • Negotiate concerned interactive arts events.

  • Accomplishment of Fine Arts Education

  • Design exhibition area for professional arts

  • Sponsor high-leveled cultural events

  • Enhance student and faculty knowledge and appreciation of arts.

  • Pursuit ˇ§Art is lifeˇ¨.


  1. Active support of culture and arts education centered upon the university campus, extended into the overall development of community culture.

  • Bring out the artistic potential in our students and take an active part in the extension and development of art and culture.

  • Sponsor art lectures and discussion forums to stimulate the interest and concern of arts events in the communities.

  • Act as an art ambassador to introduce fine arts to the communities.